Westwood Group is expert in providing solutions to the complexities faced by busy professionals, executives and SME owners.  We insist on first developing a firm understanding of client’s core values and objectives before providing them with customised financial solutions.  We find that this approach enables them to experience peace of mind that they will accomplish those things which are of most importance to them.

We work with a wide range of clients including, owners of small and medium sized businesses, executives and professionals who are often time poor and have financial complexity in their lives.  We recognise that their time is best spent in their professions and we take on their ‘personal CFO’ role to ensure that their private financial situation is taken care of and managed in a considered, coordinated fashion.

Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients as their lead financial adviser.  By fulfilling this role we help our clients make smart decisions and provide long term direction so that they are able to avoid making financial decisions which are not in keeping with their values and goals.

Westwood Group uses a team approach to meet clients needs. Drawing on the diverse expertises and experience of our staff, as well as an external professional deliverables team, to provide smart solutions across a range of areas including structuring, tax, law, project management, investment solutions, management and debt.

In a financial world of highs and lows our approach relies on a strong understanding of the rule book and strategic advice focused on those things which we can control to ensure that we maximise the probability of success.  Westwood Group also take on the project management to ensure that the advice is implemented in a timely fashion and it is only then that true value is created.

Please contact us for more information about how Westwood Group financial advisers can assist you in realising your financial goals.